death receptor, this is the body always to become

by Count Lenny

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released January 13, 2017

tysm to my sporties Carmen Perry - vocals on tracks 2 & 8; Katie Hardiman - vocals on track 5; Jack Washburn - vocals on tracks 4 & 11, keyboard on track 4; Catherine Dwyer - vocals on track 10



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Count Lenny Boston, Massachusetts


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Track Name: IRMBRU
I’ll remember you driving in your parents’ car A little moment when you told me how this town had grown Up by the river in the fifties where the factories are But now they’re gone and now they’ve left and now so have you too
Track Name: SAW
I thought I saw you breathing in a room filled up with light The sight of flowing air beside a bed that’s warm inside I thought I saw the outline of your body drawn at night I thought I heard you waking up and thinking that you might Take all your worries and leave them to hang on yourself They’re just some pictures left gathering dust on a shelf There isn’t any way that I could move my body now There isn’t any force I know to make me wonder how Trying to go to sleep now that I’ve turned off all the lights I thought I heard you waking up and thinking that you might
Track Name: death receptor
I don’t know what I can say to you There’s nothing more that I can do I’m cleaning out the gunk and goo From 24 years of trying to Made an extra one just in case I’m trying not to wreck this place It’s floating here in outer space Did you know that’s happening My friend Ian picked my brain He told to me to swim in my own lane It really is a fucking shame It gets so hard to say the same Why do I keep coming after me I’m being all that I can be I’m clinging to the security Of giving into probably
Track Name: this is the body
This is the body that was born from the breath Of the air in the lungs of my mother A time will come when I may see you again In the form, in the flesh of another Another life is coming back from the start It’s cutting through beneath the husk of a heart The days are shorter and they’re falling apart It was easier before I knew your name, then winter came The lights were cold
Track Name: always to become
We’ve got a lot We’ve got our bodies We’ve got two hearts that fill with blood Just like the earth There’s always growing There’s always going to become We built a home Planted a garden Inside a world that can’t be seen Oh Ohio Bury our bodies Beneath a sun that never needs That never needs that always seems To shine on everything between
Track Name: KINGZZZ
Waiting to watch the sun go down again I found a reason to give into me Hollow now I’m the inside of an empty jar Looking outside of my window where I think you are
Track Name: closet song
I never went outside I never asked the reason why Every autumn gets a little longer Every life gets complicated The roots dig in between the seams The turning point of quiet dreams The body sleeping in its seed
This place is putting into stone Tiny insects living underground
I cooked a beet to eat for later The skin fell off and burnt my hands I ate it standing in front of the refrigerator The lights were out when I got home
Track Name: CHOKE
A storm broke out when I was moving out There wasn’t anybody left in town I called you from the backseat of the car I didn’t realize you were still around Every autumn seems to bring a change I think about you when I’m close to sleeping The rain fell on us and our shoes got wet There was a moment when I felt your breathing I’d do anything to kill the time I get so nervous when I’m close to speaking Choking up before your ride arrives I think about you when I’m close to sleeping
Track Name: KONTRA
There’s not that much to do It’s all falling apart in spite of you The shades were drawn when I came in I didn’t talk much but I didn’t know what to say It’s snowing here tonight I got your message but it was late I called you on the phone You didn’t answer but I didn’t know what to say it doesn't matter anyway
Track Name: VILLE
A street that seemed empty When we left to head home Was filling with people Who we didn’t know It’s alright I’ll lie to you again It’s just this time I’ll try to let you in Oh my god you’re looking in between the seams that cover me and keep my quiet in My god was a garden A place that grew flowers Now I’m counting the hours Until a frost settles in You can come over I left the door open
Track Name: INFOTEX
I’m looking inside for a heart that beats And fills its veins with blood I’m looking inside now to start Inspiring confidence in what it means To live a life that breathes While on the outside comes apart I don’t know The way things go, the days flow by The rain falls down and soaks into the ground On its own It stays the same, the days flow by The rain falls down and soaks into the ground
Track Name: TREAT
The first spring inside this house Was giving out before it left The light was getting golder I watched you drive off in your car And the rain turned into water Pooling on the glass I’ll go outside Watch the earth divide Watch winds collide